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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
The plan is to let the kids develop to figure out what the needs are. You stick to the plan that has led this team to build its core of young players. You do not revert to the thinking of the past when the team would plug every hole with overpaid free agents.
They have developed. Staal and Girardi have developed into one of the better 1st pairings in the conference. Callahan and Dubinsky have matured into top 6 forwards. Henke has developed into a Top 5 goaltender in the league. You keep drafting well and keep infusing young talent into the team to keep your salary cap manageable. Which players are you waiting around for? There's always going to be young players in the line-up that have room for development, it's a continuous process. That doesn't mean you stop utilizing experienced veteran forwards with proven track records of success.

You can't anticipate who will be available in a trade, but someone will be. There are always players who are disgruntled or teams that can't afford their salaries for various reasons (other cap problems, ownership issues), etc.
Exactly, you're running a big risk... How many key players have been traded that haven't had serious baggage or been slumping? Now that you have a list, how many of those trades were the Rangers in a position to make? You know, the trades where the other team doesn't ask for Marc Staal coming the other way.

I don't want Brad. He will turn into another Drury, but worse because his contract will be significantly bigger and longer.
Says who? Chris Drury has nothing to do with Brad Richards, they aren't on the same level and never have been. I guess by that logic, Chris Kreider will be the next Pavel Brendl, Christian Thomas is the next Nigel Dawes, and Carl Hagelin is the next Marcel Hossa, right? If you want to make comparisons between 2 players who have absolutely nothing to do with each other, we can do that all day. It's ill-advised and illogical.

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