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05-03-2011, 08:12 PM
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As others said, BY FAR the most important thing when it comes to skates is the fit, everything else is secondary. Buy whatever skates fit your feet best, period, you will not get comfort OR performance out of skates that fit you poorly. Rbk skates, CCM U+ skates, Easton Stealth skates, Bauer Vapor skates, Bauer Supreme skates, etc., they all fit differently, and nobody can tell you what skates will fit your feet, you simply have to try them on. If someone tells you "buy this brand, they're the best!" that person simply does not know what they're talking about, there is no best skate for all feet, the best skate for you is the skate that fits your feet best.

I'd say you can order more or less anything online except skates, skates you really have to buy in a shop after trying on many, many pairs. Maybe you could afford one model/price-point up online vs. in store, but going down one model/price-point in a good fitting skate is gonna be way better (in terms of both performance and comfort) than a poor fitting skate at a higher price-point. And besides, when you buy a skate in a store the sharpening, baking, extra bits of fitting after your first few skates (additional bakes, punching, etc.), etc. should all be included, when you take into account what you'd have to pay for all that, and shipping (if applicable), then it's often not much cheaper to buy online anyways.

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