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05-03-2011, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckhog27 View Post
Yeah well what exactly are those teams doing? Tampa barely beat a Pittsburgh team that has no real offense to speak.
"Barely" winning doesn't have any significance when your team is advancing, does it? Philly "barely" beat out Boston last year and they made it all the way to Game 6 of the SC Finals. Whether you win in 4 games or you win in 7, winning is winning.

Lidstrom I might make an exception as he is one of the greatest defenseman to ever play, but on the Rangers I doubt he could do much to turn this team around the way it is. From what I've seen in the NHL in most cases you have to be bad to be good.
Detroit didn't have to be bad. New Jersey didn't have to be bad to win 3 Cups in less than 10 years, did they? Carolina Hurricanes did not have any abundance of elite talent the year they won the cup. They had a hot goaltender and a team with terrific chemistry and played their best hockey at the right time.

To get bad enough to get a high draft choice you have to give up signing these older players who may not be done, but aren't going to turn your team around to compete for the cup either. Your really need a couple really good young players to do some damage. If you look at Tampa they have Stamkos. The Rangers don't have a young guy like that.
Exactly, the Rangers don't have players with that skill level, that's why you have to fill those talent holes through free agency. New York will never let their team finish dead last in the league, the fans would NEVER allow that to happen either. There is too much pressure to win and perform, they won't have it. So if that's the only way you feel the team will ever accomplish anything, by finishing last and hoping elite talent is available in the draft, I hope you're not going to be too disappointed, because that won't be happening any time soon.

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