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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
Notice that two years ago, Heatley was a mega-star who scored 100 points twice.
Do you look into any of the details before you make a silly comment? Which forwards was Dany Heatley playing with in Ottawa when he logged those 2 seasons? Do you remember? I think you do. So after his two 100 point seasons, he never breaks 82 points again while continuing to play with top centers in players like Spezza and later Thornton, and only puts up 64 points this year logging time with Thornton again. Did you want to bring him here to play with Christensen or Anisimov when he was shopped? If you seriously think you're getting 'value' from trading Dubinsky for Heatley (at $7.5 mil cap hit) and playing him on a team with no first line center, that really hurts your credibility to argue about the merits of the acquisition of Brad Richards. So far all you've argued in this thread is A) We can't afford the dead cap space the next 2 seasons, B) Richards will be like Drury and be overpaid and too old in a couple years to contribute C) The Rangers will subsequently have no chance at advancing in the playoffs if they acquire Richards so we should do nothing and wait around for rookies to fill huge holes on our depth chart. Oh and D) That we can easily make trades for key pieces of the puzzle later down the road yet you've failed to name any hypothetical trades that are feasible and would significantly improve the team. More than a few individuals have pointed out that the dead cap space is minimal and that the UFA options are less than desirable the coming two off-seasons, but if you want to keep ignoring the valid points than that's your choice. Thanks for providing that list earlier of which the 3 most desirable players are all the most likely to be re-signed by their teams. Traviz Zajac and Nathan Horton, really? If we add those guys we're a shoe in for the cup! There are several flaws and risks with your suggested course of action and you don't want to respond to any of them. There is far more benefit to the organization and far less risk in signing an elite first line center this summer, immediately improving the team without losing assets, and retaining the ability to remove that cap hit (either through trade or waiver process) at a later time. No NMC = no problem, I don't know why that is such a difficult concept.

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