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05-03-2011, 11:37 PM
lou ****ing sucks
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Originally Posted by JerryGigantic View Post
He sets up a vaguely plausible scenario for us to get the Larsson pick, then suddenly dipsy-doodles over to Couturier.

Odd call, made all the more bizarre with his suggesting we might even TRADE UP to nab Couturier.

(As opposed to taking best player available at our #4 pick AND BEING HAPPY ABOUT IT.)
you do remember where you are right?

hey we won
**** the world, here comes the cup!
hey we lost
**** everyone i hate my parents and cat!
hey we might have a top 10 pick
well i guess were ****ed!
hey we won the lottery and are drafting 4th
well i guess were ****ed?

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