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05-04-2011, 02:25 AM
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I was going to wait an comment here until the playoffs for us was over, but too mad to wait. Sorry for all you Green fans, but his ass needs to go. He is older and not learned a thing. I don't care how much better he played this year. Schultz is a no brainer, he needs to be booed out. As for some others, I would give them a chance under a new coach. GMGM needs to get his ass out and trade for some bruisers. For a guy that played tough, he sure is a wuss when it comes to getting those type of players. Hendricks, Bradley, and Erskine are tough, but they aren't enough. This team doesn't make opponents pay for getting near the crease and refuses to crash the opponents crease. Only Knuble and Chimera are doing that, sometimes Ovy. For those worried Green will come back and be a Cap killer, send his behind to Alberta. I used to be a big fan of this guy, but he really has shown no progress and there has to be a change. Get some value for this guy while it is still there. As for coaches, my fear is we'll get another player's coach and not somebody that will demand 110 percent. I wish they had performance contracts in pro sports. Sadly, I like Laich, but I doubt we will see him as a Cap again. He is going to get some real offers from teams, especially contenders.

Go Caps!

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