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05-04-2011, 03:28 AM
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As a Norwegian, I also feel he's being overlooked cause some "hot rookie" MIGHT be a Ranger next season..

If Mza can work on his short comings, he'll get a great chance at making the main roster next year..

I liked his play overal last year, like every other player he got his high's and low's...

Stepan was just as bad the last games of the regular season and absolutly stunked in the play of's yet people here let it go "cause he's a rookie"...

Mza lead the team in Power play points and more than earned his spot due to smartness and great passes that his team mates didn't read...

But...I'm a what do I know..

Btw; My favorite players last season were Staal and Stepan...Mza were in my top 10..

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