Thread: Proposal: Jack Johnson for Luke Schenn
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05-04-2011, 05:29 AM
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Wow, thanks so much for the quick reply. I don't know if JJ is just out there more with Rich and Clifford, but from what I've seen in the half season of goals against that I've watched is that JJ has really bad defensive judgement.

By this I mean, when he has to make a decision, he often makes the wrong one; when he's just playing the system, he's generally good. He's also lacking in some front of the net skill but, nothing too major.

You can pick this out when JJ fumbles the puck, in one instance he's skating down the boards with the puck in the offensive zone, fumbles the puck a bit, spins around and passes the puck to the other team's forward who is at center ice, resulting in a two on one. In another instance, Clifford goes after Jack's guy and instead of change guy, JJ just keeps going for him. Granted, this is Clifford's mistake, but whereas a D with better judgement would notice Clifford's mistake and try to rectify it, JJ just keeps doing what the system tells him.

Now, replays aren't quite as objective as stats, and just watching goals against isn't going to be enough. But from the little I've watched, this seems to be his main problem.

He also dekes while last man back (which of our Ds don't, though ), seems to have poor communication with forwards (i.e. delegating them) and isn't always the quickest at making a decision off a lost face off.

Again, small sample size and it's a replay. So I could be wrong because JJ had a flu for a few days or because I need sleep

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