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05-04-2011, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Any one skater is more important than a goalie according to Chris.

The argument is beyond idiotic.
That's not the argument.

Depth > goaltending.

Carter > 5m "elite" goalie.

Meszaros > 4m strong goalie.

3m strong goalie > Versteeg.

Never have I said that I was comfortable with either Leighton or Boucher in the postseason. I said we'd be fine in the regular season, but I wasn't sure what would happen in the playoffs though traditionally teams that rely on goaltending falter before reaching the Finals. We're a team that obviously doesn't rely on goaltending.

I also wanted Roloson.

I also hate Leighton, though I did say Boucher was the better alternative.

If you're going to put words in my mouth, you might as well get the argument right. You're smart enough to not have to pretend to be this oblivious.

We've always needed average to slightly above average goaltending. You don't need to spend 4-5m on that. It's a waste of cap space and assets to blow depth on overrated options.

Goaltending, as always, is extremely overrated, but still extremely necessary to putting together a championship capable roster.


On another note, the article is extremely ignorant. In his opening paragraph alone he seems to represent this apparent intrinsically "Philadelphian" desire to ignore the position in the "draft", "free agency", and at the "trade deadline." I'm fairly certain Holmgren has drafted his fair share of goalies, and the fact that he has not attacked goaltending early in the draft means pretty much nothing seeing as how uninterested many of his peers are in taking goalies early and often. As far as free agency is concerned, Homer went after both Turco and Nabby before settling on Leighton (ugh). I would have still pursued other options, but if Holmgren panicked and went with his gut, that was his decision. It does not mean that he was unwilling to seek other opportunities at the position. Even going with Bobrovsky showed that Holmgren was on the board looking for goaltending both at the prospect level and at the free agent level. The trade deadline is another issue entirely. Weren't we pretty solidly in first place at the trade deadline with a healthy team, Bobrovsky playing like a ROY, and Boucher playing as well as he has at any point in Philly? While I still question the move not to get Roloson (and that is a move I wanted to make), I understand why Holmgren didn't pursue harder. In the end, the lack of that move is pretty inexcusable, but I can see where he was coming from if hindsight is taken out of the equation.

Those are the problems in just the first paragraph of that "article." I'll spare you the critique of the rest.

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