Thread: Speculation: 2011 Draft Discussion (June 24-25)
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05-04-2011, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Koffein View Post
Fleury did pretty well with that height, and Grimaldi plays bigger than his size. Many were saying similiar things about Skinner last year, and even in the final rankings some agencies had him out of the first round because of size and skating issues. I agree with you that we should not use our 1st on a guy like him, but he will not last to the 3rd. Trading up in the 2nd to get a player with big size issues but top-10 (or top-5 according to some even) skill is well worth the risk. But I suppose you can always stay safe and draft bigger, sure bets to make the NHL. You know, like Mitera and Macmillan?
But Skinner didn't really have those problems. He was 5'10" 193, which is actually not that small. Also he wasn't a fast skater, but he was touted as being very agile (from figure skating). So he didn't really have skating issues. And he was also supposed to be pretty strong on his skates.

So Grimaldi is 5'6"? That's tiny. Is he fast, or strong, or very smart? Because small guys probably need at least one of those attributes. Also what kind of player is he? Because goal scorers tend to be able to handle being small better than puck possession playmakers.

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