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05-04-2011, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by 3Four3 View Post
With Kovalchuck, they were offering him $100 million for 10 years, and I think it would have been evened out just like they did with Double Penetration.
Devils tried to frontload that. NHL told them no. Devils made cosmetic changes. NHL still said no and finally the league stepped in and evened the contract out and penalized New Jersey. Don't see it happening.

The way it seems to me is Richards is going to want to go to a contender--preferrably a team in the east. The Flyers are already at the ceiling for next year right now. They won't have the cap space. The Penguins are right behind them--close to $56 mil on the books for 11-12--they won't have the cap space. Other teams in the $50's going into next year include Boston, New Jersey, San Jose, Chicago and Washington. It will be tough for any of those teams to find enough cap space to add a really big contract.

To me the contenders include the Rangers who have 14 players signed for $42 mil including Drury's $7 mil that they can at least get back half--if they buy him out. They have a number of RFA's to sign as well. There is a connection between Richards and Tortorella. The Rangers definitely seem to fit the profile of a team that Richards would want to play for.

I think the Sabres might be a team willing to go after Richards. New owner who wants to raise the profile of his team and apparently willing to spend money to do it. Personally I wouldn't want to live in Buffalo but the team is pretty good and Vanek might be an ideal fit for a passer like Richards.

Toronto is a higher profile team that teased to get into the playoffs with a late season run. Richards-Kessel?

Nashville--not out east but they have cap space and a young very up and coming team.


Tampa Bay--Richards old team. They have cap space but only 11 signed for next year--so they have a lot of contracts they'll have to do including Stamkos. That could be one high octane offense with the likes of Richards, St. Louis, Le Cavalier, Stamkos, Malone etc. Great coach and a definite contending team.

Montreal--plenty of cap space. Another high profile eastern team.

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