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05-04-2011, 01:54 PM
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It is weird, i am sore more in the morning than night. I dont have the pain in the nethers much any more, but something like kicking can be painful. that and sudden movements in certain directions. I suppose i am gonna have to suck it up and be lazy for a while. I guess i can ride a stationary bike to somewhat keep in shape.

I was about to start p90x this week too. No way in **** i'm doing that now.. Would like to know for sure. But my guess is that i go to doc, He says rest and go to therapy. Then if im still in pain, get MRI, and ultimately Surgery. I just don't want this to drag out for 3 months. would rather get it done with.

I'd hope he MRI's me to start, but they are not fans of spending that money.

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