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05-04-2011, 02:16 PM
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I hope they put Varly in, we need a goalie who could easily steal a few games, he has that big game goalie in him. Neuvirth is solid but unspectacular. He should have been pulled after game 2.

Varly with no real pressure to win could be a dangerous weapon. Nobody is expecting much and that is when varly might actually play lose and that is when he could cause some major consternation for the opposition. He's hungry to prove himself as the Caps #1 goalie after the poor year today. Varly can actually make that big spectacular save we need. He has playoff experience. We need that more than a rookie at this point.

TB has won 6 straight. If they can do that, we can win 4 straight. They are due a loss. Let's go Caps, keep the faith! If Varly gets hot things could get scary for TB.

In Varly we trust! Do it Bruce, we need something to shift the momentum and Varly has shown he can do it.

Also, we need someone to light a fire under Backstrom's ass. The guy needs something to snap him out of his self pitying slumber.

I want to see the best game by #19 this playoffs. Mr. Arnott, please take him aside and give him the what for.

Also, Bruce, let the boys play the way they know how. We are not going to win 4 games with this new defensive style. We can only beat them by outscoring them. Return to the old system and the boys might perk up and remember how to score goals. Our D is nothing special to be trying to win games 2-1 against these guys.

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