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05-04-2011, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by 3Four3 View Post
Selanne at 40 earned 4.5 million this season, and I think he earned another million in bonus.

I'm sorry, this team does not have an offensive player who can get into the offensive zone without dumping the puck. Jagr can.

We don't have a player who can control the puck when other players zone in on them. I've lost count to how many times Gaborik was slightly nudged by an opposing player and that was enough to get him off the puck. With Jagr, good luck getting him off the puck.

Another thing, unlike our $7 million "offensive dynamo," Jagr can also put pucks in the net in the shootout.

I'll meet you half-way: $6 million may be too much but Sather shouldn't baulk at $5 million.
How do you know jagr can? He hasn't played in the NHL since 07-08. Who's to say that he will be able to replicate any sort of success. He scored 71 points his last full season with the Rangers and was clearly getting older. He turned it on in the playoffs and after the Rangers were knocked out Jagr ADMITTED that he could no longer go all out for 82 games and do so in the playoffs. He said that he would be worn out if he were to play his hardest through 82 games.

There is no way Jagr will put up 80+ points.

Sather shouldn't balk at 5 million? That's insane. We can't afford that and it would be much better spent on Richards, who can clearly play in this league. Jagr looked awful at the olympics last year as well.

Finally, when you discuss Jagr's physical presence, you do know he's dropped more than 20 pounds since he left NY right? Jagr is not the 250 pound animal we came to love anymore.

Look, I love jagr and wouldn't mind seeing him back for under 2 mil. But let's be real here, he can't score like he used to. You're talking about the Jagr of 3-4 years ago, that's not the Jagr of today.

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