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05-04-2011, 03:24 PM
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I am going to refrain from criticism at the moment and give ideas on the strategy we need to take. Let's turn thus into a (reasonable) idea thread. Sitting Backstrom is not a reasonable idea.

1. Attack the zone with more speed. We are playing into their hands by approaching the blue line too tentatively. I don't just mean the puck carrier but also the wingers.
2. More passes just before the puck carrier enters the zone. Once he crosses his options are limited against the Bolts' defense. Could be a pass to the wing (because the defender is shaded toward the puck carrier) or to a guy crossing behind him. Guys need to be paying close attention so as not to go offsides.
3. Crashing the net after a pass from the corner. I think one of the reasons we are not seeing more guys crash the net is a fear of a quick counter attack. The player who crosses the puck needs to be prepared to get back on D. They also have to be on the same page as to when the puck will be sent across. We have had plenty of opportunities to do this but need to be prepared.
4. Fake some dump ins. TB expects dump ins and is pretty much backskating the moment our guy winds his stick. Fake it occasionally, give them something to think about.
5. Fake some shots from the point. That is one of Green's strong suits and underutilized in my opinion. Fake the shot, and if the defender slides, go around him for a better shot or pass.

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