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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
No, but I am not sure the terms will be the same (Heat signed a 6 year contract as a 26 year old, not 31 year old). The second issue is that it's always better to acquire someone when you know your actual need. There's absolutely no guarantee that our need when the kids mature will be a center, nor that Brad will still be any good.

What if our need is a first line winger to replace Gaborik, and now we are stuck with a major, unmovable contract we gave Richards? You don't lock yourself into a long-term, super-expensive contract when you don't even know your needs, and you don't know how the 30+ year old player will hold up in his later years.
Is the team going to have a legit #1 center next year? - Answer NO

How about the year after that? - Answer NO

There is NO ONE in the system who is an elite#1 center and if Richards signs a 5 year contract and we draft one this year, it will take him that long to mature, so we're good.

You talk in gibberish, lay off the huffing, it's not working for you.

There is a need NOW, there is an opportunity to fill that need, there is no reason not to fill it. Letting the opportunity pass by would be counterproductive.

The more time that passes, the less cap significant his contract becomes.

You say we're not winning the cup next year. Why can't we? I say with Richards and a couple other tweaks, we've got the pieces to do it. Maybe you weren't around when the Rangers dumped KisioDrury and imported MessierRichards, because you know what, that team almost went all the way the next year and there's a hell of a lot of similarities between these two teams.

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