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Originally Posted by Ranger de FLA View Post
I dunno. Hawks won with a young core. Stamkos and Hedman are young, yeah. The Hawks didn't have a veteran blueline (not as old), veteran goalie, an experienced 31 year old captain and a their leading scoring wasn't 35 years old.

I see where you're coming from, but I disagree with the comparison.

Well, there's only so much a city can do to fill out a 60k seat stadium. The south's a football region, no question. More college than pro, in my opinion. The Atlanta situation is really similar to Tampa. Tampa's a psycho Bucs town, and they couldn't even sell out once this season with a winning team. It's the economy. There were times where they sucked after they won the Super Bowl in 02-03. They still brought in a solid crowd if not a sell out.
BINGO! Tampa is a very good sportstown. They did a very nice job supporting their hockey team when they expanded. When they got good a decade ago, once more the town sold out almost nightly.

The debacle in the late 00's hurt, but moreso, the economy has decimated that region.
Everybody will try and use the economy to mitage poor attendance, but in Tampa's case it really is true.
Overall the region has some of the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates. This was a major area that got ranshacked by the housing bubble.

You need proof?

Take a look at the Bucs. Everybody knows Tampa is a major football town. Their football team had a season ticket wait list of over 25,000, they sold out every game for about 15 years, then all the sudden, blackouts started. The Bucs went on to have a surprising season with 10 wins yet could not sell out a single game.
The Baseball team has terrible attendance, but outstanding TV ratings.
Finally, the hockey club as mentioned had a spike in attendance but not sell outs, again looking at the whole picture you see it's not about poor fan support but other circumstances.

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