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05-05-2011, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by MrHudlander View Post
Ask the Flyers.
The Rangers problem is not with Lundqvist nor his salary.
Without an elite goalie like Henrik the Rangers are a bottom 5 team.
The Rangers problem is a lack of scoring and skill amongst their skaters.

His 6.5 million salary is not the reason they can't fill out a roster. It's bad drafting.
The Flyers have finished better than the Rangers every season but one in the last 15 years.
They have been able to draft Carter, Richards, and Giroux, all of whom are superior skill guys that we have drafted.

The right way to build IS TO DEVELOP your own top end skill players.
Not waste salary signing 30 year old 2nd tier players (Gomez, Drury, Redden, Holik, Kamesky, Kasperitis) to star salaries.
Bingo. The issue isn't Henrik's salary, it's guys like Drury, Redden, Boogaard, Avery etc, that are just wastes of space.

Imagine if you put Richards in Drury's place and a guy like Pitkanen in Reddens. This team would be a contender. Then you go after a top 6 winger with the leftover salary from Redden, Boogaard and Avery.

There is just WAY to much waste on this team. Lundqvist is far and away the only guy that earns an elite salary on this squad.

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