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08-14-2005, 10:33 PM
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Looking for an honest opinion

I'm looking for people's opinion on a few players here. I'm a die hard leaf fan and I'll be the first to say that we sport some of the most "off the wall" fans that think everyone in Blue and White is gods gift to hockey and everyone that isn't wearing blue and white wishes they were.

So, here it goes.

1 - What do you expect from Hatcher this year. His pro's are obvious b/c he's huge and if you go near that net you're in trouble. However his cons are obviously the ? around his knee and will be just become a pilon in the "new and improved" NHL. b/c he's never been the most mobile of players.

IMO - average year, but i don't believe he'll be the STUD we saw in Dallas. He did flourish under Hitchcock but that was a defensive style and that will be harder to play now

2 - Eric Lindros. How will he do this year? He's got this year to get his career back on track, he's got a chance to really put up some numbers depending on who he's playing with. Philly fans know how capable this guy is of scoring 50 goals and possibly missing 50 games.

I really don't know what to expect. Any Ideas?

3 - Peter Forsberg. Possibly the most gifted all-round player in the league. Not to sure here what to think. He's amazing when he's healthy but his health is always a question.

Again, not to sure what to think.

4 - How will the Leafs/Flyers finish. I think the Flyers could win the division, however the Sens are going to pose a threat to anyone b/c they're so talented and extremely quick.

IMO Flyers #1, Sens #2 and the leafs will either finish #7/8 or if Lindros and Allison are healthy for the year. They will finish #2 ahead of the Sens and behind the Flyers.....hopefully....maybe?

I'm curious for you're opinion b/c I hope to get some real answers rather than some over excited leaf fans and pessemistic "i hate leaf" fans


oh #5 - Will we meet in the playoffs and if so .... who will win?

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