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05-05-2011, 09:04 AM
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Why so many of you are here against hypothetically trading for Backstrom while advocating getting Brad Richards is beyond me...

I mean, I understand if someone is against the trade if it would involve Staal or Lundquist (I personally wouldn't trade Callahan either) because they might consider this price to be too high.

But the others who say that we have an abundance of redundant 2-3 line players and then you bulk at trading some of these players away for a premier young 1st line center signed long term for a decent cap hit? Remember that a team that got the best player in a trade usually wins.

If you look to compare pros and cons in signing UFA BR or trading for Backstrom if the cost is Dubi, Girardi, a prospect and a pick you need to consider that:

1. One is 23 years old while the other is 31. In this case Backstrom better fits our team in a long term because he's in the same age group as the "core" of the Rangers roster.

2. One is going to give you 9 prime years of his career while the other is almost guaranteed to not live up to the $$$ contract for some portion of the contract and we'd have to pray that it's not going to be too big of a portion.

3. Backstrom cap hit at $6.7 is very decent and definitely less than what BR would get if we sign him.

4. If we need to address replacing current roster players - let's start with Girardi. It's been noted numerously that we have 4 D-men with a very similar skill set and class level (Staal is in a higher class level) and we have a couple of more with similar attributes knocking on a door to make it soon. This situation is exactly where it makes sense to pull a trade for higher caliber player.

5. Replacing Dubinsky might be more difficult (because his impact on the Rangers is not just his 50 points) but it's definitely easier (either from within the organization or UFA or a trade) than finding a player like Backstrom.

Overall I don't think the Rangers would have a chance at Backstrom because I don't think Washington would go this route and even if they do, they'd probably trade him to the Western Conference but it is something I'd consider before going after BR.

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