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05-05-2011, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Chokingdogs View Post
I respectfully disagree whole heartedly. it's rapidly approaching the 14 year mark of his tenure. his watermark is all over this team, from the coach down to the towel boy, and the team has essentially spun it's wheels when it mattered most.

i seriously question his plan, or idea, on how best to assemble a team ( players and coaches ) to compete for a cup. his "methods" have changed so much over the years it's comical. recall how, early on, he didnt see a WHL player he wouldnt draft? then it was mobile puck moving D-men at all costs, draft, trade, or waiver wire dumpster diving, now it's draft every highly skilled euro or russian his scouts can lay their eyes on.

since tampa just swept the caps under the rug, look at what theyve done post lockout, from 06/07 specifically. theyve been through 2 GMs i think, at least 4 coaches, an ownership change, countless goalies, more or less a roster blow-up, the only constants have basically been VL and frodo, and now that team is going to a place the caps havent sniffed since june of 1998.

but back to mcphee, there comes a point in sports where a player, a coach, or general manager becomes stagnant, and sometimes it's best to part ways and go in a different direction. by direction i dont mean a total overhaul, rather a different set of eyes, method, and/or plan of action.

IMO - this crushing embarrassment of a loss is the tipping point for mcphee. he stuck by boudreau, letting him do what he could, then swung for the fence with the hannan /arnott/wideman deals, but came up a little too short.
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