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05-05-2011, 10:09 AM
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Playing defense, I get nerves depending on the goalie I'm playing in front of, but it's strange, it's probably the reverse of what people would think.

The better the goalie, the more pressure I put on myself to do well to try and help the goalie do well, and the worse I play. (fumbling the puck in the high slot for instance, or bighting too hard on a fake)

It may be because these goalies make a bigger deal about getting scored on and tossing the blame around when they do, or perhaps I just miss the guy I normally play with. He gives up quite a few goals, but always puts the blame on himself when he gives them up. Even telling him "That's my bad I was out of position to stop the one-timer" is greeted with, "Nope, it's my fault, I didn't get side to side fast enough."

Either way, I'm really relaxed when playing with him because he doesn't even let me put pressure on myself, and I struggle with anybody else, because I load up the pressure and expectations on myself.

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