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05-05-2011, 10:46 AM
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Leading up to Gm 4: How many actually remember the 95 Sharks/Wings series?

Everyone remembers the 94 series against the Wings and the big upset, but how many here, besides myself, vividly remember the 95 WCSF series against the Wings?

I know I do. My little brother calls it the "tennis series." A sweep by the Wings with the scores of 6-0, 6-2, 6-2, 6-2. From the opening faceoff of each game, the Sharks never had a chance. Most of the Sharks PP's actually looked like Wings PP's because the Wings were so good and so far and away better than the Sharks that the Wings were owning the Sharks 4 on 5.

The Sharks would go on to miss the playoffs for a couple of seasons after that and do a major rebuild before making the playoffs the next time in 1998.

It was by the far the worst humiliation I've ever seen as a Sharks fan in the playoffs. At least the sweep last year to the Hawks were in tight games. This series in 95 wasn't even close. I can hardly remember in the 20 years of Sharks existence any team in the NHL playoffs getting pwned that badly in a series. Can anyone else cite a sweep where a team dominated that badly (outscoring the opposition 24-6) since, say, 91-92? Since 2000?

I mention it because last year I hoped we'd finally get retribution, but Nabby stunk it up in Game 4 and we lost bad. I hope this year is different because even though we won last year's series, IMHO, I feel like the Sharks never did get payback for 1995. I want it now, even though it's been a very tight series.

Anyone else remember that series like it was yesterday?

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