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05-05-2011, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueCollarBlueBlood View Post
Ok Mr Contrarian.

What mythical 'elite' player are talking about that produces 60pts to win your bogus arguement.

Because I sure a ***** never said we should trade Arty, Stepan, Girardi or any of our players for a 60pt player. Your either putting words in my mouth or talking out your backside just to win an opposing view arguement. IMO Arty and Step will be 60pt players AT THE LEAST. Arty as soon as next season if his NHL growth mirrors his AHL growth.

Your argueing with my points like I'm in the trade it all for a 1 year cup crowd and you clearly did not go back and read the previous 24hrs posts. As I have clearly stated numorous times I'm not down with that, but have given solid reasoning as to what resonable moves would be if NYR Brass follow through with JIM SHOENFELDS own statement on RangerBoys youtube post.
I never said that you suggested trading anyone. The other poster gave an example of SJ keeping Pavelski despite having Couture, and you disagreed with him that they could/should keep both because of the salary cap.

That is what I disagreed with. Because of the cap, they are better off keeping players that provide more bang for their buck, even if the bang is less than they might get from another player in a trade.

My hypothetical 60 point player was just an example. Maybe it's an 80 point player making 3 times as much. The point is, you can't just look at the player and say, he's better, make the deal. The cost is a HUGE factor now, and players like Pavelski and Couture, or Artie and Stepan, that provide good values for low costs are extremely important.

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