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05-05-2011, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
I never said that you suggested trading anyone. The other poster gave an example of SJ keeping Pavelski despite having Couture, and you disagreed with him that they could/should keep both because of the salary cap.

That is what I disagreed with. Because of the cap, they are better off keeping players that provide more bang for their buck, even if the bang is less than they might get from another player in a trade.

My hypothetical 60 point player was just an example. Maybe it's an 80 point player making 3 times as much. The point is, you can't just look at the player and say, he's better, make the deal. The cost is a HUGE factor now, and players like Pavelski and Couture, or Artie and Stepan, that provide good values for low costs are extremely important.

Unfortunatly, and like Shoeny said in the vid, we cant stink for 5 years and draft a couple 80/90/100 pt players and he also pointed out how guys like that more often then not lose their edge once they cash in via FA.

So where does that leave us?

We have to trade our youthy at some point. There are just so many roster spots, we are lacking in elite scoring talent, & for the 1st time in decades we have a stocked cubord in defenceman & (talented) grinders.

I'd like to ride out Drurys contract, let our core grow & take leadership responsibilities and fill in the blanks with whats availble at that point. Hoping the established leaders at that point can kick any FA slackers in line when they take off shifts or games.

The wrench in that plan is if Richards gets signed, then obviously were looking to accelerate that plan a bit and push for a 2nd round playoff performance or better. Once again scrificing possible multi cup runs for a 1 time win.

Hopefully old habits die hard and stay dead.

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