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05-05-2011, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by ShotScore View Post
No QB that ever lived could take the 15th best team in the league and win the Super Bowl just by adding him to the team.
Kurt Warner was a game winning drive by Big Ben (a guy on a HoF trajectory) away from doing pretty much that.

The Colts would have been TERRIBLE last year if you removed Peyton Manning.

Your argument concerning the value of QBs is remarkably bad. The very rules of the sport have been augmented to emphasize QB play more (pass interference, etc.), and that is on top of the fact that offensive schemes have come to rely heavily on QB play at the expense of other positions. RBs are far less important today than they were 20 years ago (if you don't believe me, then I'm assuming you don't play fantasy football).

The only comparable value to an organization is an elite defense, but that is truly a teamwork enterprise... whereas QBs have a great deal of individual control over the fate of their offense. An elite QB can make a mediocre WR into a good WR, but an elite WR isn't going to fix your problem at QB if the QB sucks.

When Brees came to the Saints he made a 3-13 team a 10-6 team in ONE year. 31st in the NFL in pts, to 5th in the NFL. 20th in the NFL in yards, to 1st.

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