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05-05-2011, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
When a team in front of the goalie is not working, not skating, not competing, you could literally have the Lord himself in net and it would do not good. The Flyers got beat down last night, abused, totally 100% dominated in every facet of the game, I still do not think they won a faceoff during the whole game, the Bruins center let them win a faceoff.

Yes, goaltending is necessary. Yes, make the timely saves. But the Flyers players have quit. That was a sandbag game if I have ever seen one.

Look at this photo, what does it tell you?

That was a pretty disgracefull effort last night. Probably one of the worst I have seen since that 8-0 game to Buffalo a half a dozen years ago or whatever it was. look I realize those 2 early goals were a terrible start, but if the team had already given up after 1 minute then well I dont know what to say anymore.
After EVERYTHING this team has gone thru the last 2 seasons including this one to give up in a hockey game that has 59 minutes left is totally unnacceptable. There are some players on this team that dont deserve to wear the Flyers crest. Our best players and the leaders of this team have not been good enough. not even close. 7 out of the 9 plus periods have been a disgracefull effort.
Maybe tho in the end this will be the best thing that could of happened. No one wants to lose, but maybe (I am not holding my breath tho) that this will be the best thing that could of happened if you want to get whats wrong fixed and not be clouded by a deep run.

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