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05-05-2011, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Red Light Mosquito View Post
Good grief, don't come into other teams boards talking **** and giving Canucks fans a bad name. Washington has not 1, not 2 but 3(!!!!) good young goalies in their system. No need to give up tangible assets to get a 41 year old UFA, no matter how good he is. You run with what you got and hope one of those 3 guys will be your star. Caps didn't lose because of bad goaltending, they lost because Tampa made them pay for every single mistake they made.

Also, trade Backstrom? Serious? Are you high? He had an off year and an off playoffs but we are talking about a 23 year old who has 100 point season under his belt and 28 points in 30 playoff games before this year. He is hardly the problem and there is no reason to trade him. No matter what you deal him for the return will not be worth it. Period. Semin, maybe you deal him but Backstrom? Not a chance in hell.

Please, don't take this morons opinion as the voice of Canucks fans.

GMGM is probably on a short leash but IMO he needs to fire BB and bring in the right guy to coach this team finally.

I hope the board realizes that we could have gotten the Coyote's Bryzgolov for nothing, but passed (the Yotes then grabbed him).

Same thing with Irbe (Carolina grabbed him), I recall.

And I am sorry to bring this up... but if we had decent backups for Kolzig other than Billington types, maybe Kolzig wouldn't have burned out like he did from being overplayed?

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