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05-05-2011, 05:09 PM
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- Put OV in the box on a 4-on-4 situation in the playoffs.
- Make literally zero changes to an inability to break the trap line in 4 games. "Figure it out boys." "We're better than them," etc.
- Line-matching all over the place. We had Erskine covering Marty half of game three.

- Zero cups, 17 years. Only time he even sniffed is when Olie stood on his head for about a month straight, then got rocked by Detroit.
- Almost literally the entire hockey world has said BB has been out-coached by Bylsma on down the line in consecutive playoff match-ups, does nothing
- Watched his coach perform so badly that intermission analyst's had to mention that he was getting "thoroughly out-coached." Thinks said coach rulez
- Got handed the second best player perhaps of all time via being terrible, still can't get out of the second round
- Doesn't understand the line matching differential and subsequent unique strategy of playoff hockey via his shockingly embarrassing quotes today. One has to recall Barry Melrose's words of wisdom when asked if the game had passed him by.
- Thinks changing coaches doesn't help anything based on the fact that when he historically changes coaches nothing gets better (even that isn't necessarily the case. A clueless breathe of fresh air can help a team. See: Boudreau, Bruce). For competent organizations- see, the one who just swept you- make changes, things can happen.

I want to put my faith in Teddy's hockey sense, but Teddy thought paying a 90 year old Jagr 300 million a year was brilliant.

Blue Jackets fan + Caps fan= I should really just stop watching hockey.

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