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Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
yea, hes had a great year no just disappointed his success in the regular season couldn't carry over into the playoffs (not that its EXPECTED of him...but its disappointing nonetheless.) hes a very young (and green) goalie, and im sure he will rebound. He just needs more time to be "our guy" and thats very VERY apparent now. (not something easily predictable IMO)
It was all easily predictable. I predicted everything that happened with him this year way back in preseason in the thread someone started asking whether or not he should be on the team this year. I said back then I didn't want to rush him into the spotlight because he would get figured out and his level of play would come down due to numerous flaws in his game. I even specifically mentioned his tendency to crouch/drop too low, his failure to keep his hands and shoulders high when he goes down, and his inability to compete in traffic - all of which were exposed down the stretch when teams figured him out.

Edit: I did some searching and found one of my early comments on Bob's faults. So nothing that happened with him down the stretch should be a surprise to anyone:

I'm not disappointed that his 'regular season success' (which was really early/midseason success) didn't follow into the playoffs because it was never sustainable to begin with, and I'd been saying that all year.

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