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Originally Posted by stupendousman View Post
The only thing I'm still having troubles with is knowing when to turn while I'm skating backwards. I don't want to turn early only to have the attacker go the other way, but by the time I see the forward moving one way and I turn with him, I'm already a step or two behind. Is there some way I can work at this? Maybe leg strength training at the gym or something?
OK you are talking about defending against the rush now. You turn when the forward beats you with speed basically. If the forward tries to stickhandle past you, forget about the stick checks...continue skating backwards, get your hands up (do NOT hold or punch him, or you will get a penalty) and push against the forward and block him from passing you. odds are he will lose the puck or it will go in your feet and you can take it away or get it to the boards.

However IF the forward does beat you and gets inside or outside, turn the SECOND you know you're beat, get speed to catch up with him, and LEAN on him with your shoulder to the outside of the ice. You can slow him down this way since to skate he will also have to move your weight and it is not a penalty to do it. Just be sure not to hook or hold, again. Once you take away his speed it should be easy to take the puck too, or at least clear it to the boards.

But don't turn until you know for sure he's going to pass you, otherwise he can adjust as you said and turn the other way and you will be looking at the play the wrong way.

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