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05-06-2011, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by MoveTheTeamAlready View Post
Agreed. Still a bummer.

The part of the equation you (and I) didn't mentioned is spnsorship. Selling another (random even number) 10 million in corporate sponsorships, coupled with 17k average attendance, would help ameliorate that scenario's drawbacks - depending on the owners' perspective, thus.
The Nashville market isn't going to generate $10mil per year in sponsorships. The arena naming deal is something like 1/5-1/4 of that. If we could get average paid ticket price up to $50-55, that does wonders. The team has increased paid and total attendance but at the expense of lower average prices. It's a tradeoff that isn't going to magically fix itself to where the team is selling out at $55 per ticket so we can spend to the cap limit. Even spending to the limit isn't a guarantee of improved performance. Look at Minnesota, Toronto, New Jersey ..................

Realistically, we look at the money currently going to Sullivan sliding to Weber's salary and cap hit. A decision on O'Brien determines what kind of raise SK and O'Reilly receive. Ward is another decision point ... frustrating during the regular season, but doing well in the playoffs.

Lombardi is the wildcard for our cap hit and real salary. If it looks like he's done, a buyout might be the smart move and clear about $2mil in cap room.

I'll run some numbers later and see what I can come up with that fits the team's most likely financial limits.

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