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05-06-2011, 01:01 AM
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Originally Posted by adam graves View Post
The biggest threat to Al Qaeda is the Arab Spring. The Al Qaeda movement arose to get from under Arab govt. Dictatorship; today's youth discovered through peace and social media more can be accomplished then by blowing themselves up, making the Al Qaeda movement so "yesterday".

That is for most. For the few extremists, including HamaS as the only political (terorist) group to praise OBL, this was a huge moment, killing their spiritual leader and gaining a treasure trove of info, equally. Extremists will always be a threat, but we certainly minimized it Sunday. I hope the Arab spring continues so the Arab youth never feel again there is no way out, the etiology of Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda hasn't been minimalized or contained. Again, listen to the CIA director, he knows more about the pulse of the situation than practically anybody. And as other experts have said, distant cells and factions that broke off from Al Qaeda have become independent and in most cases are more dangerous than Al Qaeda now. And even if Al Qaeda is destroyed, they started an ideology that is going to keep on recruiting new members for generations, that will probably outlive Al Qaeda itself, an expert said. I'm 30, my granchildren will still be fighting the same fight. Even a guy who lost his son in the World Trade center said that he was disappointed when he saw videos of people dancing in the streets, he said the fight is far from over. Look at quotes from terror experts as well, they say the same thing.

Also, Al Qaeda's primary goal was not as a political backlash towards the Saudi govt., it was to get "the infidel" out of Muslim lands in the Middle East and strike as big a blow to the heart of our society as they could to weaken us. So while it's good that young people in that area of the world seem to be "getting it" a little more, this is evident on many fronts, it does not mean that Muslim extremists are yesterday's news. They are very much still in, and according to terror experts, all those groups as a whole are probably more dangerous and numerous than they were 10 years ago.

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