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05-06-2011, 01:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Catch View Post
I know that the series isnt over yet...3-1 Van is a long way from a Canucks win but I want to say that for a team that really doenst have any 1st line guys are doing really well.
imagine if you guys were able to spend to the cap. You have what..9 million left to spend if the funds were available.
Maybe getting past the first round will secure you guys some more money to spend!
I'd be so excited as a Preds fan win or lose (especially if they win this series) ..but even if they lose....lots of good things in the future
Bleh. This series is pretty much over, let's be real. The players are playing like they believe that anyways.

I noticed tonight that we were passing the puck like crazy, trying to set up tick-tack-toe passing goals that we aren't talented enough to pull off. Suter in particular...especially on the maddening. He takes FOR-E-VER to make a decision; lots of times a shooting lane will open up for a split second in front of him but by the time he's decided what to do it's closed again. Ugh.

With all the attempts at cross-ice passes, it looks like we think we're still playing Emery with his non-existent lateral movement (man I miss that guy). But Luongo isn't Emery, and the Canucks are not the Ducks. It seems like Luongo gives up quite a few rebounds when we are actually able to get pucks on him, but nobody is there to clean up the garbage. Why haven't we switched to a game plan that is more straightforward...just put pucks on the net and send some forwards crashing in to hunt for rebounds?

It's like we're trying to follow the same game plan from the Anaheim series which obviously isn't gonna work. Is this the fault of the players not executing what the coaches are telling them to do, or the coaches not communicating to the players well enough what needs to be done?

Trotz said something in his post-game interview...I can't remember the exact quote (I wish I could find a link to audio of the post-game presser but I haven't been able to) but it was something like "We need to have a straightforward attack and for the first thirty minutes we had made our minds up that we weren't gonna do that". WTF?! If you have a game plan, and you have players who have decided not to follow it, what the hell is up with that?!

Please guys...we sadly are no longer playing Ray Emery. Change your approach.

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