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05-06-2011, 03:19 AM
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DC is not Chicago. Our GM isn't focused on lets win a cup this year and then trade half our assets off next season to the trashers.

Yeah **** didnt go well this season, it was not GMGM's fault. Players got hurt and and we lost in the 2nd round. Our team seems to be dispelled by teams that play the trap, as we simply can't beat it.

I'd like to see BB back next season and instead of preaching defense or offenese, him preach a solid team focused play. PP showed signs of disunity along with many other facets of the team. We have the cogs, we just need to fit them into the right places and BB can do that.

I don't understand how you can call this year a regression aside from the fact we didnt win the presidents consolation trophy. We have good young pieces and more seem to be emerging in kuznetzova, eakin, and orlov(thanks GMGM for being so ****** and supplying such future **** talent)

As caps fans I am sick and tired of the gloom with the losses and the extreme highs with the wins. Take games for what they are, and one of these days Ovi will grow into the ultimate team player he is meant to be. And the day that happens a lot of "caps fans" will be eating crow, but it is simply going to take time and patience and a hint of luck

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