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05-06-2011, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by dna View Post
Don't give bruins fans the satisfaction of watching them win the series at home.

That's ok, we'd rather win in your house and have the satisfaction of sending your fans home knowing their season is over.

Anyway, I think you guys have this one.

I dont know, just a hunch. No one likes to get swept, I think they have the energy. Plus the Bruins hate 3-0 leads.

Bob has played great when coming in in games, perhaps with a 60 minute effort from him, things will sway to your side.

I also expect a good game from Richards. He's been pretty non existant no offense, so I think with the extra adrenaline knowing tonight could be his last game for this season, he'll really step it up a notch, unless of course he's hurt and not saying it.

All in all, good luck tonight. If things go well for you, then well see you Sunday! If they don't then best of luck to everyone and I really hope your team can fix the goalie situation on the off season.

Philly really would have an outstanding team if goaltending wasn't such an important aspect. With a good goalie, the flyers would be an extremely difficult team to play against.

Best of luck to everyone, no injuries.


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