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Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
-Contending...well, thats more a medias thing, but i dont think we are in a position to be actually ahead of others because of that, thats what i meant for this point.

-When we sign those players, for 4 of them, we had the biggest amount of money available/players, which makes it obviously easier.
Hamrlik being the exception. We still had some money to spend since Souray left for Edmonton.

-The problem is that we only have 9 players under contract for next season, with around 1.8M$/player available.

With our entire D to build, with at least two contracts over 4.5M (and thats probably an understimation), if you give a third one to Laich, you're asking for trouble. The ratio for the other players is barely over 1M$ then, which is not looking good at all (thats Devils or Blackhawks level...)

We dont have the money to overpay for him, except if someone else take a massive discount...the only ones in a position to do that are Markov and Wisniewski...and im not sure to be ready to gamble with them and risk to lose them.
I've crunched the numbers and we definetly have the room for Laich. Cap is going up $5M next year.

Most players we need to resign won't have increases and are players below $1M:
-Darche = 600K
-Pyatt = 600K
-White = 600K
-Desharnais =750K
-A. Kost = 3.5M
- Markov = 5.5

Hamr off the books at 5.5 will take care of Gorges and the Wiz increases.

Go to cap geek, put $64m as the cap and play around, we have plenty of cash to spend.

For teh ones worried after next year, Moen and Spacek are out for $5.3M + another cap increase of a couple millions probably. More than enough for Price and PK.

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