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05-06-2011, 11:13 AM
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I know we all talk about adding outside talent with the playoff revenue but we must remember, this team has a pretty good farm system. Not saying these two would be the answer but they might fill some holes for us.

1. Taylor Beck. They had a hard time sending him back to the juniors this year. He probably starts the year in Milwaukee but he's a bigger kid with some good offensive skills. Not necessarily a sniper in the likes of Rads but a kid who puts the puck in the net consistently, has a none stop motor and is one of those people you love to have on your team, ala Shane Doan. 30 goals and 60 points a year is not out of the question with him. Did I mention he loves to shoot the puck?

2. Ryan Ellis. While I'm scared of his size and defensive ability, all this kid does is win. He'd make an excellent PP QB, which is something we sorely lack at this time. Who does he replace is the question but I also think he starts the year in Milwaukee so it may be a moot point. Does he have the ability to play in the NHL and handle the bigger bodies. Anyone have any problems with Blum at this point? Weren't we concerned how he'd handle the NHL? He's doing fine out there. If Ellis can acclimate like Blum, we're in good shape.

Darkhorse-Josi. Once again, another one of our blue chip blue liners. If he's what everyone says he is, he will be in Nashville next season. If that's the case and we're happy with Weber, Suter, Blum, Klein, Ellis and Josi, that leaves Franson, Bouillon and SOB out in the cold, so to speak. This isn't going to happen since we have Franson and Bouillon signed for next season but do we re-sign SOB and if so, at what cost and who of our prospects gets dealt. At some point we need to take some of the chips we have in the game and move them for assets up front that will help us. I think there are many teams interested in Franson and if we can net a young forward who needs a change of scenery or can produce, we need to explore that option. This is all assuming we can and will re-sign Weber and Suter, which is pretty much my premise in all of this.

And for all the hype about Richards, I like the guy but I'm not in love with him coming here. Is he a solid player, yup. Is he an elite forward, not so sure. If we were going to go after anyone out there, RFA or UFA, I'd go for Parise but since we don't have our first this year, that pipe dream is over before it starts. There are no other UFA's that I go, we absolutely need them. It depends on who we keep is who we will go after in the offseason.

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