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05-06-2011, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Subban76 View Post
I've crunched the numbers and we definetly have the room for Laich. Cap is going up $5M next year.

Most players we need to resign won't have increases and are players below $1M:
-Darche = 600K
-Pyatt = 600K
-White = 600K
-Desharnais =750K
-A. Kost = 3.5M
- Markov = 5.5

Hamr off the books at 5.5 will take care of Gorges and the Wiz increases.

Go to cap geek, put $64m as the cap and play around, we have plenty of cash to spend.

For teh ones worried after next year, Moen and Spacek are out for $5.3M + another cap increase of a couple millions probably. More than enough for Price and PK.
Up by than 5M$ ?
I dont remember what is going on about that, but i thought it was going to be around 61-62M$. Not sure if the new TV contract matters.

Anyway, i've done my Capgeek homework too (), thats why i have my doubts about the cap problems and Laich. My concerns are as much for next season than for 2012-13.

I have a 2011-12 team with a payroll of 61M$, with the Capital as the only newcomer, raise for Pacioretty, Pouliot gone and savings on Gill and Auld salaries.

I feel that we are going to be too close to the cap with the raises of Subban, Eller and Price. And possibly Pacioretty, Desharnais and Weber, too, according to how we deal with it this summer...

Even if Spacek is gone after next season, we are still be looking for a guy to replace Moen, if we dont keep him, and it's going to be at the same pricetag, if not more expensive, so we dont have that much money left for 2013-14 if we spend it on right now on Laich.

Im not the GM, but I'll wait to see how our young players are handling the new expectations on them to see how we could make our team better later, once we know what exactly we have, rather than going out too early on a poor year on the market.
We are likely to be dependent to the raise of the cap to have some relief, im not a fan of that idea.

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