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05-06-2011, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
To expand the conversation to "Which over-the-hill goaltender would be best", I'd say
Khabibulin ($3.75 mil for 2 years would cost very little to trade for)
Roloson (I doubt he'll make it to FA, so probably moot)
Hedberg (always played well against Flyers, which we know is a major criterion for Holmgren)
Osgood (UFA; probably ≤$1 mil)
Garon (wouldn't cost much, but probably a marginal upgrade)
Theodore (questionable, but probably better than either Boucher or Leighton)

The "no" list:
Kiprusoff (costs too much for too long for his declining skills)
DiPietro (costs $4.5 mil from now until forever; always injured. Duh!)
Raycroft (cheap but probably a lateral move)
Turco Part II (would he be an upgrade??? I highly doubt it)
Brodeur ($5.2 mil would be too much, even for a year, with his going-south game, and especially because Lamoriello would make Holmgren pay a king's ransom)

Others of note:
Emery (would definitely make a play for him. Note to Paul Holmgren: it's okay to talk with doctors in the pre-season. Nobody's feelings will be hurt.)
Biron (<$1 mil for next season, but why would Rangers want to trade with Philly unless Holmgren overpays?)
Leclaire (will likely take a huge pay cut, but can't stay healthy)
Niitty (signed for $2 mil through next season; probably an upgrade; how much would he cost in a trade?)

I could actually see Holmgren taking a chance on a guy like Leclaire. If he actually thought about goaltending, that is. Among the FAs, Leclaire represents one of the best chances for lightning in a bottle.
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