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Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
Right now, we dont know how the cap will be next season, but i dont think its going to be up by 5M. We have yet to see such an increase. 3M, thats quite an increase, so 5M, that seems way too much over a summer.

Hamrlik replaced by Wisniewski as the only major saving, maybe Pouliot is gone, whereas you need to give a raise to Gorges, and possibly a small one to Desharnais, we are probably going to have a payroll around 59M$, maybe a slight increase over this season.

But next season (12-13), you have to give 3 big raises, with only 1 big contract off the books. Subban and Spacek are cancelling each other.
Price is going to get Hiller's money, at least, which gives him +2M, and Eller's situation is connected to Gomez's. (In a losing way). I think he is going to have a raise of 1M, which gives us a +3M.

- Now, if you sign Laich with a cap hit over 4M (and i dont see how he would get less that 4M), you may to have a problem.

With him you'll need a cap of 64-65M$ to get it done in 2013, which means an increase of 7M in 2 years. I wont say that this is not going to happen, but i am surely not going to bet on Laich if i have to take a chance with it.

Unless, of course if you deal some players, but we are not really a team with a lot of depth. Which is the main purpose of the signing.

And i have yet to see a team picking up an horrible contract such as Gomez's to meet the cap floor.
This just never happen yet, in 7 years...

Are the Flyers creative ? I dont know, thats always the same recipe. Horrible goaltending.
And what do you mean anyway by creative ? Pronger under contract until 2017, 4M to Meszaros ?
They're actually almost at the cap for next season. Whereas they need 8 players. And they still have a huge question mark about their goaltenders...
There are other players you can drop in 2011 or 2012 if you need cap room and can add quality through UFA...AK(3.250)...Spacek(3.8)...Gill(1.5-2.25) Moen(1.5) Pouliot(1.350) Sopel(2.33) Plus Eller's contract is really 787 k plus bonuses so his cap hit might not increase at all depending on the season he has in 2011-2012.

I think Gauthier has a lot of flexibility this summer, last summer he had none.

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