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05-06-2011, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
last season we were able to look at 14 straight playoff games without a goal from semin and green's lack of scoring productio in those same 14 games. we figured if those guys brought something of value, the caps might be in a good place come these playoffs.

who would have thought they would bring something but backstrom would go missing in action. up to this year backstrom was always the most reliable of all the big offensive weapons. what the hell? you plug two hole and a bigger one blows open.

yea it would be nice to have seen wideman and green together, but for me its all lies with backstrom. having the usual playoff backstrom changes so many things and he wasnt a factor at all. so far as i can tell in all the post playoff reporting, ive seen nothing on backstrom.
Im not sure if this is what you are saying but if it is I disagree.....

the idea that if Backstrom was on his game that they would have won is just not flying with me. They got swept....outplayed, as a team, in the 3rd period the first three games. This isnt because a player was off......they were outplayed and out coached.

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