Thread: Speculation: The Offseason Thread, Part I
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05-06-2011, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I think the purpose is that the Rangers would be willing to pay Commodore that salary to play in the minors (or overseas) as opposed to buying him out. Which essentially clears all $7MM of Drury's cap off the books as opposed to retaining a buyout cost.
But it doesn't clear the money off the summer cap, only the in-season cap. Maybe Redden will decide to terminate his contract, but that can't happen until the beginning of training camp, at which time there won't be many free agents to sign or deals to make.

If the cap is 62.2 mil next year, the summer cap will be 68.42 mil. Redden, Commodore and Boogaard will eat up 11.875 mil of that. We can stick them all in Hartford, but it still means we'll only be spending, at most, 56.545 mil on our roster going into the season.

That would leave us with a minimum of 5.655 mil in cap space. At the trade deadline, that would prorate to almost 26 mil. Who are we trading for during the season that we'd need that much cap space?

And then you still have the problem of Commodore being on the summer cap again next year. Unless they know for sure that there will be compliance buyouts in the next CBA, or that they know for sure that Redden will terminate his contract, I can't really see the benefit of this trade.

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