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05-06-2011, 03:52 PM
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I have a few good stories with those guys and they are still as good today as ever.

So many great bands around them too. Of course epic albums like Lagwaggon's Hoss, most of Hot Water Music and even PieBald's first cd are all good too. Some love Pennywise, I knew them a little bit and while great guys I didn't find too much there on a consistent basis but when they would come through they were very good.

Box Car Racer put out some good music as well.

Last night I pulled out Tones on Tale and had a good fun hour remembering.

If you want to listen to a band that was poised to be HUGE in L.A. late 70's early 80's pull up the last. I don't really know how to describe them but I was lucky enough to have been friends with the three brothers who founded the band each of them went on to success in the music industry.

L.A. Explosion was released on Bomp records in the late 70's and the band was selling out some pretty big shows. They got their first album on a bigger label and it was so over produced that it literally took all of the steam out of a great band. The band went on for years and got better and better as they did releasing some great indy records and a few overseas efforts too.

They are a fun listen when you aren't sure what your in the mood for, never disappointing.

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