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Originally Posted by Catch View Post
The CBC crew are homers ...well..Jim is a big Canuck homer..i think he got his start doing canuck games..a.nd the other guy is just not very good at his job.

One thing i will say though..they both...well...Jim especially...he really knows his hockey. like ..he knows players on every team..he understands the game.
Two things:

#1 - the CBC crew is NOT homers. Jim Hughson may be a Canuck fan, but he is a very professional broadcaster and its hard to tell. The rest of the crew, Ronnie Mac, Craig Simpson, etc. are Canuck haters. Clearly.

#2 - as much as Craig Simpson is anti-Canuck, he is an outstanding broadcaster who knows the game as good as anyone out there.

There is no American Broadcast that can hold a candle to Jim and Craig.

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