Thread: League News: 2011 Playoffs Part II
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05-06-2011, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Vladiator16 View Post
Surprised how one sided Flyers - Bruins series was. I wonder if Boston's size, physicality and TT will be enough to overcome Tampa's "beehive" mentality, MSL's resilience, Stamkos and Lecavalier. Should be a good series.

Strangely enough this years defeat doesn't hurt as much, i guess, as a Capitals fan one has to develop a thicker skin.
Also, i notised this year i enjoy watching post "once-again-early-exit-of-the-Caps" games much more than last few years, i think watching Capitals in PO's was to emotionally taxing and and unnerving... now i just watch and enjoy hockey... strangely unbiased... and for me its weird...

P.S check out a snakehead i caught in one little canal near Ft. Lauderdale (in my advitar).
I don't know, man. It stings quite a bit to me having to watch a team do pretty much what the Caps have done (sell everything and drop from playoff contention, then get pretty darn good again) sweep us the first year that they're a complete team after the rebuild in order to get further than we have in four years.

I'll get over it as soon as the Cup is decided, unless TB wins it. It'll stick in my craw the entirety of the off-season and next season then.

And I've got pretty tough skin as a Skins, Wizards, Orioles/Nats fan.

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