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05-06-2011, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by IdealisticSniper View Post
Yep average price for tickets in my section were around $100 a pop. Its very very very hard not to put up my two tickets for a single game and almost have one of my season tickets paid off for next year

The thought of me missing playoff hockey is unbearable though.
If I were in your shoes, I'd be having the same thoughts. The exact same thoughts. Still, I just don't get why people are that stupid to pay that much for a ticket sometimes.

To expand on my prior comment, tickets for Game 3 of the ECSF started out $65+ for the cheapest seats (StubHub fees not included.) I ended up snaring two tickets 90 minutes before face-off at $55 total, including all fees. The seats were in the upper deck, and really didn't cost that much more than the actual face value, and there were many seats available at such cheap prices. Granted, the low price could have been the whole "It's close to face off, let's try to get anything out of them," and maybe weekday games did no favors, but I also think some of it was the fact so many tickets were priced so ridiculously high that nobody was buying.

Right now, ECF Game 3 tickets on StubHub start at $57 -- which is already down from $67 just a couple of days ago, right after the sweep of the Caps was completed. The Game 4 tickets are down slightly, too. One round further, and you're looking at $194 minimum for any home game in the SCF; $280 minimum will land you seats to Game 7 of the SCF in Tampa -- which only happens if it's Nashville-Tampa Bay, and given Nashville is down 3-1 to Vancouver... yeaaahhhh...

Also, I do not recommend anyone going to TicketMaster's TicketExchange. If you think StubHub is price gouging, TMTE is grand larceny.

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