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05-07-2011, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyerSithLord View Post
I'd like to see changes made in each department of the team.

Coaching: I think Lavy is a great coach, but he had a pretty brutal playoff. Between the juggaling of the goaltenders and losing the matchup battles at home to Boston, Lavy needs to do a better job next year. Also, The coaching staff has to make fixing the power play the #1 priority going into training camp. Lastly, I'd really like to see them work on shootouts. I know it's a gimmick, but it's here to stay, might as well try to be a little better at it.
He kept doing this one thing in games 3 and 4 where he would over use the Briere line. For example; the Bruins would go on the Power play and we would kill it off, but because Boston basically spent 2 minutes in the attacking zone trying to score, they still kept coming at us hard trying to press for a goal. So the obvious thing to do is put a line out there that is good defensively, problem with that though is Giroux, Richie and Betts are tired from killing the penalty. So the next smart thing to do is put Versteeg-Carter-JVR out for one shift while the rest of the centers catch their breaths right? Wrong, he would put the HBL line out there and of course they get pinned in their own end for about 35 seconds.

He just kept shoving the HBL line down our throats, almost as if he was hoping that the spark they had last year would just magically come back. It felt like every time we had a push back from Giroux's line or Richie's line, the HBL line would come back out and completely suck all the energy we created with a bad turnover in the neutral zone. Then to make matters worst not only would he match the HBL line (which we've already established is horrible defensively) against Boston's top line; but he would also give that line defensive zone faceoffs regularly

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