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05-07-2011, 01:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Tetrastar View Post
I don't doubt you, but is there any chance I can get a link to one of these next day pressers? I don't think I've ever seen a presser done by Bowness. I'm now suddenly very intrigued!
I remember it. It was either Sunday or Monday after our double OT win. I remember because he had this camel colored, what looked to be leather, sport jacket. I remember thinking what in the world is he wearing. I don't recall anything he said, I just stared at the jacket my Dad called a Reg Dunlap jacket. It was just funny that AV was at the ones before and having a laugh a few times but this one time he sent his ast coach to answer questions about what was going wrong/what they had to do/etc etc. It must have been Monday because it was on the NHL Network shows where they were showing clips of the press conferences for the day.

Originally Posted by JamesBond View Post
Yeah, only Vancouver Canuck players embellish, dive or try to draw penalties. No other team or player in the NHL does.

AV stood up for his players after Trotz attempted to sway the refs by basically stating that his players were embarassing them. Suter has no cause to argue a penalty call where he basically head tackles another player for no reason.

I don't understand why Gillis' rant is so chicken**** to you, but when Trotz does it for days on end, then its ok.
First of all no one single person here has ever said that ONLY the Canucks dive. EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN THE NHL has taken a dive at some point in their career, some more than others, some make a damn art out of it.

Second, I said it was funny that AV was complaining about people complaining about embellishing when his own GM did the same thing. The "audacity" part was just using his own words.

Third, I never said anything about Trotz complaining about anything. Don't put words in my post that aren't there.

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