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05-07-2011, 05:02 AM
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I was in the exact same situation my family never had enough money so i saved up for it and being from Australia hough theres not that many places to go for hockey but when i was 17 i found out one of my school teachers son played so i went along and ended up starting to play with the senior (Adult) team id never really been on the ice bar one or two free skating session but i could stop or anything and the start of the season was 3 weeks away so i went to every single free skating session i could and i worked as hard as i could on the things i needed to learn like stopping, crossovers sharp turns that sort of stuff. But i can tell you by the time the season started i could stop really well and skate at the same pace and speed as most guys in the league its all about repetition. Ive only played 2 years now i missed one with injury and it felt like i had to start all over again cause of the broken ankle but last season i was 3rd in points in the league so honestly just work youre but off dont be afraid to fall or worry about how you think youre going just use that passion to want to play hockey to push you dude.

Try getting to the rink for a just skating practice twice a week if you can to keep on working on the skating side. Get a golf ball and put electric tape around it and use that for stick handling practice it works for me and then just shoot as many pucks as you can off the ice try to make sure youre a couple inches higher that the shooting board to simulate you being on skates. Those are the things that have worked for me good luck!!

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